Inspired in Italy, Made in Canada

We believe that a few high-quality ingredients, prepared with homemade care create the best results.

Dinner And Lunch


  • 21 Ingredient Calabrese Slaw 16

    Way too many things to list

  • Golden Beet Caprese Salad 17

    Mozzarella di bufala, pistachio pesto, and pomegranate

  • Jump Fried Mushroom Salad 14

    Crimini, portobello, oyster, shitaki mushrooms, arugula, house-aged red wine vinegar, crotonese


  • Sweet Potato Agnolotti 17

    Pink sauce with sundried tomatoes

  • Mushroom and Spinach Garganelli 18

    Roasted wild mushrooms and spinach with testun di barolo, parmigiano cheese and truffle oil

  • Turkey Bolognese 19

    Potato cavatelli, slow cooked turkey bolognese

  • Beef Short Rib Ravioli 24

    Sage, brown butter, arugula

  • Spaghetti Carbonara 17

    Egg, pancetta, parmigiano

  • Casareccia 22

    Veal sausage, rapini, chianti tomato sauce

Fish and Meat

  • Cornish Hen 27

    Olive oil, rosemary, and lemon

  • Pan Seared Calf's Liver 27

    Cipollini and balsamic, pan jus

  • Whole Fish 34

    Changes daily

  • Beef Shortrib 30

    72 Hour sous vide, agro dolce

  • Veal Scaloppini 28

    Mostarda, fig, demi


  • Polenta Fries 10

    Crisp polenta fries with roasted garlic aioli and sundried tomato ketchup

  • Octopus 17

    Fingerling potato, frisse, olive, lemon

  • Meatballs 15

    House ground beef short rib, sirloin, and brisket with thyme and pecorino, braised in tomato sugo

  • Bronzino Crudo 17

    Avocado, kimchi, citrus, olive oil

  • Warm Olives 8

    Rosemary, citrus, olive oil


  • Margherita 15

    Mozzarella, fior di latte, basil and tomato sauce

  • Gallo 16

    Roasted chicken, roasted peppers, goat cheese, mozzarella and tomato sauce

  • Salumi 16

    All beef salami, green olives, pecorino, chili and tomato sauce

  • Canadese 18

    Housemade all beef pepperoni, green pepper, sliced mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato sauce

  • Salisccia 18

    Veal sausage, goat cheese, spinach, caramelized onions and tomato sauce

  • Al Ferro 15

    Grilled vegetables, herbs, mozzarella and tomato sauce

  • Funghi 17

    Roasted mushrooms, thyme, fontina and truffle oil

  • Pera 16

    Roasted pear, gorgonzola, pecans and honey

  • Pancetta 16

    Pancetta, roasted onions, fingerling potato, smoked mozzarella


  • Rapini with garlic, lemon, extra virgin olive oil 6.50

  • Roasted cauliflower parmigiano, extra virgin olive oil 6.50

  • Patatine fritte with white truffle oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, thyme and sea salt 6

  • Side vegetable of the day 4.50

Additional Lunch Menu

  • Grilled Chicken 15

    with a panzanella salad of grape tomato, cucumber, romaine and oven dried calabrese olives

  • Italian Tuna Salad 15

    canned Italian yellow fin tuna, cherry tomatoes, green beans, gaeta olives, arugula, egg, red wine vinaigrette

  • Frittata 15

    three farm fresh eggs, changes daily with choice of paese green salad or patatine fritte

  • Vegan Bowl 15

    quinoa, roasted squash, kale, fig, tuscan beans, hazelnuts, carrot dressing

  • Grilled Veal Sandwich 15

    grilled veal, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomato sauce and provolone with choice of caesar salad or patatine fritte

  • Mac and Cheese 15

    casalinga pasta with pecorino romano cheese, sweet peas and pancetta



  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart 11

    Raspberry sorbetto

  • Caramel Apple Cider Cheesecake 11

    Apple compote, granola, cider caramel

  • Passion Fruit Tart 11

    Fruit jellies, italian meringue, fresh fruit

  • Italian Carrot Cake 11

    Blood orange marscarpone frosting, candied hazelnuts

  • Affogato 11

    White Chocolate gelato, espresso, warm cherry and chocolate chip cookie
    “corretto” the Affogato by adding Sambuca, Amaretto Brandy or Grappa 2

  • Cookie Plate 6

    Made daily, assorted flavours

  • Gelato and Sorbetto 8

    Daily flavours with a sugar-dusted pizzelle

Coffee and Tea

  • Toronto’s Best 3.75

  • Cafe Latte 4.50

  • Espresso 2.75

  • Espresso Macchiato 3.00

  • Cappuccino 4.25

  • Loose Leaf Tea 3.75

Specialty Coffees

  • Paese 8.50

    Amaretto and frangelico

  • Canadian 8.50

    Rye and maple syrup

  • Spanish 8.50

    Rum and kahlua

  • Colonial 8.50

    Brandy and kahlua